Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Angle: Not My Job But It Is Reid’s Job

I give up. I’m still trying to parse through Sharron Angle’s public statements about who is responsible for Nevada’s 14% unemployment rate. Apparently according to these video clips courtesy of the Reid campaign, it is not the job of a US Senator to bring businesses to the state. It is not the job of a US Senator, in short, to find jobs for Nevadans. As a matter of fact, a US Senator has no culpability in the loss of jobs in Nevada.

On the other hand, Senator Harry Reid is being skewered in Nevada over the state’s disproportionately high unemployment rate, a full 5 percent over the national average. Here is a statement about Reid’s record on unemployment in Nevada, courtesy of Sharron Angle’s spokesman Jerry Stacey:

"Reid’s response reflects just how out of touch Harry Reid is with the plight of Nevada families. It is now clearer than ever that the Obama/Reid agenda of increased government spending, oppressive regulation of business and the uncertain effect of Obamacare and a massive tax increase when the 2001 tax cuts expire in 2011 is only adding fuel to the fire. We need proposals to help, not hinder, businesses from hiring new workers and give them certainty on taxes and regulation.”
So I take it from this, then, that while Sharron Angle, as a US Senator would not be responsible for bringing jobs to Nevada, but Harry Reid, as current US Senator, is.

How scary is that?

Harry Reid must live a charmed life.

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