Sunday, June 27, 2010

Texas Freedom Network Survey: Just Educate

So I mentioned here that I attended the Texas Freedom Network’s caucus at the TDP state convention. The event was well-attended.

On each seat was placed a pamphlet entitled “just educate.”

The title, as it turns out, was an instruction to the Texas State Board of Education to stop using that obscure branch of state government to promote the political views and religious beliefs of individual political hacks who sit on the state school board.

The purpose of the state school board, the TFN asserts, is not to “undermine science education, call evolution a lie and doubt the existence of global warming.” Their purpose, the TFN maintains, is that they “just educate.”

You can turn the pamphlet into a post card simply by filling out the information on one side and cut along the dotted line, stamp it, and send it back to the Texas Freedom Network.

Or, you can save yourself the postage and go here to fill out the same information and click the “Submit” button.

According to the TFN presentation, only 19% of Texans agree that the school board is on the right track in their bid to reshape and mold the minds of the next generations of Texans in their own images. The grand majority of Texans finds the whole process appalling and decry the fact that Texas has become a national, and some say worldwide, laughingstock because of the SBOE’s recent actions.

So there really isn’t any excuse, is there. Go now and register your opinion.

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