Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stanley the Tool

I have a lot of tools. Most of them have the proper name "Stanley" stamped on them. And now we hear that another Stanley, Stanley McChrystal by name, has a bone to pick with my President. The guy I voted for.

I don't recall voting for Stanley McChrystal. As a matter of fact I distinctly remember not voting for anyone named Stanley.

Stanley is not one of my favorite names. I think it extends from my reaction to Marlon Brando's rendition of a Stanley in "A Streecar Named Desire." I never liked that character, and have forever associated Stanley with that style of undershirt that has since been dubbed "wife beaters."

It fits.

Still and all, Stanley is a name we all know. I know the name Stanley from looking in my tool box. I have Stanley tools. Lots of them.

Stanley. What a tool.

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