Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Getting an Angle on Sharron

Well it looks like Harry Reid’s ship came in last night as Teabagger Sharron Angle took out Susan Lowden in the Nevada Republican primary. Amazing how one (or was it seven) little comment on bartering with your physician using chickens can really cook your goose.

Reid still has a battle ahead of him because for some reasons he is a hated man in his home state. But the past remarks of his opponent should help convince even moderate Republicans that they really have no alternative to Reid. Not this year.

Susan Lowden had her “chicken moment” and that brought her down. Sharron Angle’s past remarks makes Susan Lowden’s lame brain idea to solve the high cost of healthcare seem absolutely reasonable.

Sharron Angle has criticized the notion of adding fluoride into drinking water

Sharron Angle is in favor of outlawing the consumption of alcohol.

Sharron Angle, who is very anti-choice, once proposed a bill requiring doctors to inform potential abortion patients of the link between getting an abortion and getting breast cancer (a complete fabrication meant to discourage women from getting abortions.)

Sharron Angle doesn’t think it is right for parents to hold jobs simultaneously.

Sharron Angle entertains such third rail notions as dumping Social Security

Sharron Angle thinks the Department of Education should be eliminated.

But unlike Rand Paul, the Kentucky crackpot who went on record as being against civil rights after his primary win, it looks like Sharron Angle isn’t going to be opening up in front of the national media. It is going to be things like what she has said in the past as well as who goes on record to support her because of her views that will more likely of use to the Reid campaign.

But one can only hope that Katie Couric will be able to get an interview with Angle in the next 5 months and get her to speak (what passes for) her mind.

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