Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pity the Poor Republicans

Wayne Slater has a great piece up at the Dallas Morning News that summarizes how beset and besieged the Republicans are in, ironically, the Red State of Texas. Woe are they. Their values, their God, their money, their right to open carry firearms and shoot illegal border crossers, all of these things are being targeted by atheistic socialistic liberal Democrats.

“‘The fox is in the henhouse,’ said congressional candidate Stephen Broden of DeSoto of the myriad enemies bearing down on conservatives. ‘And they have one thing in mind — fried chicken salad.’”

Say what?

The fox is in the henhouse?

This coming from the party that controls every statewide office? This coming from the party that controls the political offices in the grand majority of county governments in the state?

Is that just too rich?

And what about what my junior senator, John Cornyn said to an auditorium filled with Republican activists?

“‘Liberals want to turn our state over to the trial lawyers,’ Cornyn said. ‘Liberals want to turn our state over to union bosses. Liberals want to turn our state over to intellectuals’”

One must surmise from this that Cornyn equates liberals with intellectuals. You know, smart people. Do I dare interpret that by extension conservatives should be equated with dim bulbs?

How does this all tie together? It’s easy. These poor Republicans are either delusional or they are very politically sharp, and I think it is the latter. What better way to unify a party or a nation than to identify a common enemy that they must fight off, and what better way to do it than to insinuate that this enemy is in charge and ruining the state when in fact they themselves are in charge (and are ruining the state).

It’s a brilliant tactic. To be both in charge of everything and blameless for anything because it’s the Democrats who are ruining things.

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