Friday, June 18, 2010

Republicans Abandon Perry, Rally to Bill White

What fun. As I predicted in early December, when Bill White announced his plans to drop his plans to run for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s unvacated Senate seat, The Chron has a story today about how some known Republican “stalwarts” who backed Kay Bailey’s failed primary challenge to entrenched Gov. Rick Perry are now announcing their support for Bill White.

The ones, that is, that are not afraid of a Perry backlash should he succeed in November, an outcome that is looking less likely each day. There are others who are not letting their names be known that won’t come out for White publicly until it looks a little better for him.

These are the ones who search for efficacy. The ones who will be moved to run red lights when they see that others do it without any consequence or penalty.

As time goes by, and as Perry aligns himself more and more to the rightwing extremists of his party, this is an inevitability.

And oh yes, in case you don’t go over and read the article here is my favorite quote from one of Bill White’s new GOP supporters:

“‘I realized he (Perry) supports his campaign contributors and not the people of Texas,’ said Mitchell, who voted for Perry in his previous campaigns. ‘You know how he said that oil spill was an act of God? He would rather blame God than his campaign contributors.’”


Greg said...

Yeah, there are always a few "stalwarts" who turn around and back the other party's candidate. Given the history of success on the part of Democrat candidates in this state, I predict a Perry win -- because as much as I dislike him, I consider him to be infinitely better than White.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, the governor who turned over $20 million in taxpayer money to Countrywide Financial, the subprime mortgage lender, in return for a promise of 7,500 jobs that never arrived is "infinitely better than White." Infinitely stupider is more like it.

John Coby said...

I am paying out my butt for insurance, electricity, and college tuition. Perry has cost my family thousands of dollars a year.

I may be slow, but I am not as stupid as other people in this state. For some reason they like giving their hard earn cash to perry's buddies.

Anonymous said...

I say vote for none of the bums and elect Glass!

Hal said...

And that would be because you are as clueless as your Libertarian principles that guide your belief system? Ayn Rand sells well among 15 year old kids. The rest of us have moved on.

I liked "Return to Peyton Place." Kathie Glass was a splendid actress in it.

Nice hair.