Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Touchdown Jesus Gets a Touchdown

In 2004 the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio built a 62 foot tall statue of Jesus pictured at right. A rendering of Jesus from the waist up with his arms upraised over his head, reaching toward heaven, it would seem.

Either that or signaling the scoring of a touchdown in a football game.

Earning the statue its nickname of “Touchdown Jesus.”

Well, it seems the Solid Rock Church should have taken its name more seriously and constructed this statue out of solid rock. Heck, even gunnite sprayed over chicken wire would have worked better than what they settled on.

They settled on constructing a steel frame that resembles a football goal posts that supported an outer shell of plastic foam and fiberglass.

Not a good idea.
Had they opened up their science books they would have seen that the posts that they used to support Jesus’ upraised hands were identical to a Benjamin Franklin invention that he called a lightning rod. Lightning rods are used to control where lightning is going to hit. They are erected in places that people want lightning to hit.

Preferably if lightning is going to touch down on Earth anyway, it hits the rods, and not buildings or people.

So the lightning that would have hit Earth somewhere in Monroe, Ohio last night, was drawn to Jesus’ upraised arms.

Upraised arms that supported highly flammable fiberglass and plastics.

I show the before and after photographs here for illustrative purposes. To see the video, go to this USA Today web page and scroll down for a 2 minute 33 second video of the flaming inferno that was the statue last night. Accompanying the video is a rather strange audio track. How it ties in with the subject I’ll leave to you to figure out.

My theory: What goes around comes around.

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