Thursday, June 24, 2010

Texas Democratic Party State Convention Starts Tomorrow

The long-awaited State Convention convenes tomorrow. Thousands of Democrats will converge on Corpus Christi, Texas to celebrate the beginning of the end of a Republican stranglehold on Texas state politics.

Bill White has evened it up in the Governor’s race with months yet to go before early voting begins in October. Months to chip away at Rick Perry’s rusty armor.

The State House, at near parity, threatens to flip to Democratic control as well.

All of this runs counter to the national trend, it seems, where all the news is turned toward Democratic losses in the mid-term election. That may be true, and an anti-Democratic sentiment may spill over into the local races but then again, maybe not.

It’s not necessarily an anti-Democratic sentiment being voiced by the talking heads, it is an anti-incumbent sentiment. Nationally, incumbents are mostly Democrats, in Texas, it is the opposite.

Republicans occupy 100% of all statewide offices. It seems reasonable then, that if there is an anti-incumbent sentiment in Texas, that could bode poorly for Republicans this fall.

But we’ll see, right? Tomorrow it all begins.

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