Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carly Fiorina’s Open Mouth

How does Barbara Boxer do it? This woman is just about the luckiest politician I have ever seen or heard of.

In her 1992 contest to succeed Alan Cranston as US Senator from California, Boxer faced political commentator Bruce Herschensohn. Herschensohn, being a local TV personality that I remember well, had strong name recognition. Boxer had bupkis. But just days before the election Herschensohn was seen entertaining himself at a Hollywood strip club. A political operative embarrassed Herschenson with a sign at one of his campaign rallies advertising the strip club shouting the words “Should the voters of California elect someone who frequently travels the strip joints of Hollywood?”

Herschenson lost to Boxer by 4.9%.

In 1998 Boxer was again behind in the polls, even against a relatively unknown appointed State Treasurer, Matt Fong. But then Fong went on the offense and criticized Boxer for not condemning Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky affair, as she had in the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill story. An offense that blew up in his face when Clinton got a major Middle East peace accord signed and Boxer was caught on tape embracing President Clinton for this bold action.

Fong lost to Boxer by just under 10%.

In 2004 California Republicans nominated former Secretary of State Bill Jones to run against Boxer. The choice couldn’t have been worse. Jones was a lackluster campaigner who lost national Republican support over his endorsement of John McCain in 2000 over Dubya. Jones ran out of money before the election was over and had GOTV phone bankers calling for him, phone bankers who neglected to say the words “Bill” and “Jones.” That the state turned against the Bush/Cheney ticket in 2004 in a big way probably also had something to do with it.

Jones lost to Boxer by 17%.

So now, the day after Carly Fiorina won the Republican Party’s nomination to run against Boxer this year, Fiorina spends 4 minutes in conversation with an off camera TV journalist trash talking not only the new GOP nominee for California Governor, Meg Whitman, but also Fox’s Sean Hannity. Then, out of the blue she brings up Barbara Boxer’s “so yesterday” hairstyle.

Here are the 4 golden minutes.

See that at realization moment right at the end of the clip? It took her 4 minutes to realize that the mike was on and her words were being recorded.

I have often wondered how “Catty” Fiorina was run out of her top executive position at Hewlett-Packard. No one is talking. But maybe now we have an idea of just the kind of petty person she is.

Guaranteed that long after this event leaves the memory of most Americans the clip will be played and replayed in California up to Election Day.

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I have no idea how the November elections will turn out but what fun it is going to be this summer watching the dark side shoot off their mouths time after time. And I thought summer in the South was a sleepy slow time with little going on. Silly me!