Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The June Primary is Here

To political wonks like me, today, June 8th, with primary elections in 11 states, it’s like Christmas. And just like on Christmas you get to find out what is inside that really bulky present under the tree, today you get to find out who actually wins and who loses.

I am keenly interested in the US Senatorial races for obvious reasons. The Democrats’ loss of the 60-votes in the Senate has put the skids on the Democratic agenda. Pundits promise that there will be further losses, although not a loss of the majority in the Senate. Still, what I want to know is how bad will it be. The primaries give you a preview of the possibles.

Everyone is watching Arkansas whose centrist senator Blanche Lincoln is going through a run off against Lt. Governor Bill Halter. I think that one is a toss-up. The trouble is middle of the road type voters generally don’t vote in primaries, letting those of us who are a little more politically aware decide who runs in the fall. Particularly when we are talking a run off election. Light turnout favors Halter, I think.

Chances are though, if nothing changes Arkansas will send a Republican to DC.

We’re also interested in the Nevada race. The Republican leader to face Harry Reid in the fall, Sue Lowden, has been paying a heavy price for her “chickens for healthcare” remark. Especially when she wouldn’t backpedal on it. So taking the lead in the polling for the Republican primary is the Teabagger Sharron Angle. Angle is being backed by the Club For Growth, the same group that got a Democrat elected to congress in New York by backing yet another Teabagger.

Her Libertarianesque views are extreme in nature, and are sure to give moderates and Independents pause in November.

Look for Angle to win tonight and then snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory come the fall. America is a crazy place to be sometimes, but the Teabagger Movement is still not mainstream - - - yet.

In California former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and former congressman Tom Campbell have been slashing at each other with abandon. There is a third Republican in the race but he’s another Teabagger. California is not a TEA Party state - - - yet. The winner will face an amazing US Senator named Barbara Boxer.

Neither have a chance. But do this. If you want to send a little help Senator Boxer’s way go here and order yourself a pair of “Boxer Shorts.” What a clever idea.

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