Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Annoying the Anointed

Well that was fun. The Associated Press now has the Reasbeck story and now it seems he is getting all sorts of media attention, not because he is primarying Democratic Wisconsin State Senator Julie Lassa for the open WI-7 seat of retiring Congressman David Obey, but because he ran for congress 4 years ago in Texas as a Republican.

Mentioned here and here.

The article, as found at the Dallas Morning News fills a few holes. Apparently someone contacted him and addressed two thoughts that I had that I expressed on yesterday’s piece: did he run because he was annoyed at all the anointing? Did he change his party affiliation out of convenience a la soon-to-be former Senator Arlen Specter or out of enlightenment in the ways of the Party of the Dark Side.

He half-answered the first question. Yes, the reason he sought to challenge Shelley Sekula-Gibbs was that the backroom selection process offended his sensibilities.

From the Dallas Morning News:
“Reasbeck says he decided to run then because he was angry about DeLay's attempt to handpick his successor.”
I think I remember something about that from an interview he gave to FortBendNow, an interview you can’t find online anymore because the website changed hands and formats a while back.

As it turned out, his candidacy didn’t matter. He came in 5th place. He garnered 89 votes for a grand total of 0.6% of the total vote.

But my speculation in yesterday’s piece on the reason why he is running again went unanswered. In his rambling 9 minute speech that he gave last weekend he failed to mention his Democratic opponent, her politics or her positions. He just went on and on about education and world dominance.

But I think I have it nailed. He is annoyed at the anointed so he makes it his business to annoy them.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My other question, however, got its answer.
“He says he grew disillusioned with the GOP's stance on issues like immigration during that campaign and later quit the party.”
I was a little cynical at first but when you listen to his 9 minute speech you come away with the impression that Sarah Palin won’t be endorsing his candidacy anytime soon. Besides, I met quite a few of these disillusioned former Republicans in 2008. Reasbeck says that he “quit the party” but it has always been my opinion that in 2008 the party quit their moderate wing.

I wonder, though, if Reasbeck has changed his mind about the War in Iraq. My recollection is that he was in favor of continuing that war, which even by that time had been exposed as an illegal and immoral brainchild of Dick Cheney.

Gee, maybe now someone will ask him.

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