Sunday, March 11, 2012

And Now a Short Break with a Message from Our Sponsors...

Do you remember that one? If you do you also remember television in black and white. It was their way of saying that you were about to experience a hiatus in the show you were watching because they needed to let the people who were actually paying for the television show's cast and production to actually occur, hawk their wares. We Americans were new to that and it had to be explained to us.
But here it is. It's SPRING BREAK!!!!!


Spring break cannot be written without all caps and spam-sized exclamation marks.I am on spring break and having the time of my life. I have reunited with a person that I haven't seen in nearly 46 years and we are having a great time together. Such a great time that I am not angry at anyone right now.

Sarah Palin? Such a nice woman (especially when McCain picked her for the Veep spot, and in doing so elected Barack Obama).

The Newt? What can I say about The Newt? Nice conniseur in helmet hair. Calista will make a remarkable First Ho.

Rick Sanitarium? Thank you Rick Sanitarium for driving half the female voters away from any Republican support. Did you know, for instance, Rick, that conservative women want their daughters not to get pregnant? Because that is better than committing murder. Did you know that? You didn't? Perfect!

Mitt? Oh, Mitt. Can you say "Asphinctersayswhat?" You can? Perfect!

You see, I am in a very good mood tonight.

So maybe you, my 6 readers, might not be too alarmed or too offended if I neglect to post something here every day this week. It is, after all SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

Oh, and remember to set your clocks 1 hour forward tonight.

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