Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Atheists with Christian Donors.

It’s a kind of man bites dog headline, don’t you think? Avowed atheist Patrick Greene recently found out that he had contracted a disease that could leave him blind. Some would call it the Hand of God, others would call it karma, and others would shrug their shoulders and say “tough luck.”

But Greene recently learned that the Christian group that he openly opposed in Henderson County, Texas, a group that wanted to put up a nativity display on government property, had taken up a collection among the members and donated $400 toward his healthcare costs to treat his condition.
A Christian Act if ever there was one.
An act that belies the baser intents of “Christians” who want to dominate the lives of non-believers and use laws to regulate morality along strictly Christian religious beliefs.
This is special. This is different. This is truly Christian.
And despite the fact that the atheist group that Patrick Greene represents donated $500 toward his treatment, edging out the Christian donation by $100, I still see the meaning and intent of these good people to turn the other cheek and to love their enemy.
It’s nice to see the teachings of Jesus, as told to us by the Apostles, still have an impact on actual human conduct, rather than what you typically see.
Blind hypocrisy.

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