Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Mitt By 14 Points

The amazingly accurate prediction of the polls, Romney held sway today in the Illinois primary. With 55% of Illinois polls reporting, Romney commanded the lead with 48.3% of the vote to second place Rick Santorum with 34%. The polls had Romney by 14%.

Santorum suffered by not being qualified in several congressional districts. He automatically gave up 10 delegates to Romney. His candidacy further showed its lack of preparation and lack of seriousness.

Rick Santorum as the runner up, is, in short, a joke. A cosmic joke.

A cosmic joke that threatens to throw the GOP convention into chaos. Sarah Palin was the cosmic joke that the GOP presented to the American electorate in 2008, and we all know what happened there. Rick Santorum is the savior of the Democratic Party.

Jesus is a Democrat.

Must be.

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