Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Moment of Sanity and Love

OK I have to apologize to those of you who tune in to this blog to watch my rant. I am not angry at anything just now. I’ve had one of those epiphanies. My life was not meant to be spent in solitude and now I have found my soul mate.

Rediscovered, actually.

This is for you, Twila.


Greg said...

Gotta tell you -- I am very happy for you that you are happy. Not for partisan reasons -- simply because love is a good thing and everybody deserves as much of it in their life as they can get. I hope things go well with you and the lady in question -- because in the end it is our personal relationships that matter, not our politics.

God bless -- really.

Hal said...

Thanks Greg. If anything, this will eliminate my participation in Texas politics. So that must be a plus for you. But I appreciate the expression of support.

Greg said...

Why on earth would I want you out of politics? We disagree -- so what? It does not mean I wish you ill will, or that you be silenced. I don't have a problem with those who disagree with me -- remember, I'm the guy who refers to my wife on my blog as "my darling Democrat", and I would not have her any other way.