Thursday, March 22, 2012


This had to come out, but most unexpectedly, it came out from the mouth of Mitt Romney’s own campaign advisor. Mitt Romney has no personal convictions but simply wants to be whatever the current voter pool wants him to be.

Right now Mitt Romney is Mr. Uber-Conservative. A conservative’s conservative that can out-conservative Rick Santorum, who, quite frankly, IS an Uber-Conservative. But as Romney’s advisor indicated in his very frank interview, all of that rhetoric can be retooled in the fall election so as to attract the much-needed moderate conservatives and independents.

Mitt Romney’s advisor used an Etch-a-Sketch, a toy from my childhood, as an analogy to how you can simply erase what has been chiseled in stone by turning the iconic writing pad over and shaking it a little.

Thence to write a new script for a less conservative audience.

So people have been having fun with this, as you might expect. Not just Santorum and The Newt, Democrats are glorying in the utter disingenuousness of  what is the probable Republican candidate to run in the fall against President Obama. A president who makes no bones about what he thinks.

So I went out and harvested the artwork that is being posted on various websites. It’s a scream and a half.


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