Monday, March 19, 2012

Still Not Mad at Anyone

Day Two of not being angry at anyone or anything.

Well, OK, this really pisses me off, but Nick Anderson summarizes it so well. A picture is worth 10,000 words.

See, Texas has discrimminated against a women's health care provider. You know, the people who provide free services to women who can't afford our high-priced medical care - the highest priced medical care in the world. Cancer screenings. Contraception. Counseling.

Things that prevent abortions from happening.

Oh and they also provide abortion services, but these are taken care of on a different set of books. Totally unrelated to the other services.

Nevertheless, the Texas Legislature, in its infinite stupidity, has written Planned Parenthood out of the equation, violating federal rules. You can't discrimminate between these healthcare providers. So Texas has lost all federal funding for women's healthcare. No funding, no women's healthcare.

The GOP is in open warfare against women. Open warfare. Not only do they demand that women not use contraception to avoid getting pregnant, but to use it solely for the other benefits that are known to exist, but they also demand that women submit to sexual congress only when they want to conceive a child. I think that women should comply with that latter wish, if her significant other holds to that belief.

Want to see GOP-Crazy? Withhold sex from these sex-possessed people.

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