Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's Super Tuesday!!!

At long last we are finally at Super Tuesday, the day when 10 states hold their primaries. The day when, quite typically, the nominees are decided.

The day that Texas didn't vote.

Yes, Texas is a Super Tuesday state. But all because of the conservative US Supreme Court, Texas can't hold its primary on its traditional day the first Tuesday in March. Thanks to the US Supreme Court Texas has to wait until late May... or even June.

When the nominee has typically been decided for a couple of months.

But I still don't know. There is still enough fluidity in the Republican races that we could see this go on for awhile. The "anyone but Mitt" crowd keeps going strong. Keeps going strong all except for the fact that they can't agree on if not Mitt, then who? I think that in the end, Mitt is going to be Itt, but it is going to take a little time, Newt seems to have just won Georgia - his home state - go figure.

And in the meantime, Mitt Romney is going to continue to claw apart his opponents, making him look like the highbrow brute that he most definitely is.

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