Friday, March 02, 2012

Limbaugh Lights the Path of Democratic Victory

I sure am liking Rush Limbaugh these days. Rush Limbaugh is illuminating the conservative wing of the Republican Party like no one since Barry Goldwater. Not only has he found himself on the wrong side of an issue supported by 63% of Americans, but he has verbally assaulted a young woman whose only offense was springing to the defense of a friend who needed birth control to preserve her ability to conceive.

Rush Limbaugh is defining the Republican Party, and defining the 2012 election.

And I could not be happier.

Rush Limbaugh defines the Republican Party as a party of misogynistic old men who lash out on women by attacking their ability to receive health care.  His line of logic is so obtuse that it takes great leaps of logic just to keep up with the fact that he thinks Ms. Fluke’s desire for free contraceptives somehow qualifies her as a floozy.

And the online comments are so full of invective that you have to wonder where it all comes from. I personally think it is payback for young women not really wanting to have anything to do with these old, fat, bald, fluffy white guys.

Because they are kind of…what’s the word…icky.

I think Rush needs to keep up the good work. He is doing more to help Democrats retain the White House, and regain a majority in the House than anything a single Democratic Super PAC can do.

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