Monday, March 05, 2012


Oh it just gets better and better. Rush Limbaugh has been dealt some serious setbacks as a result of his attacks on a well-meaning Georgetown law student last week as he called her “a slut” and demanded to see naked videos of her posted online.
The first was unforgivable. The second was just icky coming from a fat bald old white guy.
His program has lost some serious advertisers, most recently AOL.
Rock artist Peter Gabriel, upon hearing that Limbaugh used his hit single “Sledgehammer” to accompany his attacks on this young earnest woman, was horrified. He has directed his representatives to demand that Rush Limbaugh never use any of his music in his hateful radio broadcasts.
This might just be the worst blow to the Limbaugh hate-mongering radio program ever. After all, I have to ask myself which ISP does his audience subscribe to. And the answer is the ISP that makes it so easy to be online that you need no brains at all.
Because his listeners have that tendency.

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