Sunday, September 24, 2006

It Wasn't Just a Good Day, It Was a Very Good Day.

Oh Krishna did I have a great time today.

First, I was led by a Google search to the Sugar Land, Texas, house of the muse. The muse lives in the heart of DeLay Country, just to the right of Goebbels Gulch. The muse maintains a very stately residence, as well-appointed as one would expect muse taste.

I even detected an appreciation for early music. How A-music that muse would have on display in the muse abode a stack of 78's. I love the old records. My house is host to stacks and stacks of them. My favorite? "K-k-k-Katie".

That's what I like about Democratic values, by the way. An appreciation for the old, and an acceptance of the new. How unlike our opponents who cannot embrace new ideas of any kind and even retain those of old defeated enemies.

Who were there? Seventeen devotees of Democratic values. Nick was there and walked local blocks with a new intern. Monica asked me whether I wanted to "walk with the congressman" and my response was too automatic. When I walk blocks I walk alone because I want to spread the manpower out so I declined. Immediately after I told Monica that "I walk alone" I kicked myself. What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks had I done? Hell yes I wanted to walk with Nick. To personally see The Man in action would have been the cap to my day, month and year. So why did I do that?


I stood there and stared at the floor mentally kicking myself. Then saw Monica and Erica giving each other "thumbs up" signs, and I realized that I had given the right response. The honor was offered to Nick's new intern who was amazed, proud to be asked. Good for him. What stories he must have.

Monica unknowingly consigned me to walk "Red Land". Fifty-two of the most right-leaning homes in CD-22. No fun at all until I found the secret caches of Democratic families in and among them, holding on. They were fun to find. On the other hand, sometimes it was fun to find the disaffected. One gentleman, a self-admitted straight-ticket Republican, told me that he was mad as heck about Tom's antics, and was eagerly awaiting a verdict in the case brought by Ronnie Earle. I was circumspect - neglecting to mention the Abramoff issues that were dropped when Tom bolted. Heck, why push it? After all. What we need are votes to win, not points to make. He was mad already, why make him defensive?

I got back 2nd to muse. Yes, I move quickly and alone, and saw the muse send Nick and company off. We talked in the muse dinette, welcoming back other returning block walkers, listening to their positive stories. Here is what I loved to hear. Veronica Torres, candidate for Fort Bend County District Clerk walked for Nick, and spread his positive message. And she also (as did I) talked about her local race. Veronica mentioned several precinct residences that she visited, whose occupants said that they were "straight voting Republicans" and would vote as such in November, but just because she made the effort to visit them personally, they would vote for Veronica. And they made the right choice, by the way. Annie Elliott: eat bovine fecal matter. Your opponent is going to clean your clock in November and it doesn't matter how many of her campaign signs your trolls steal and deface.

And you would think that would be the end of it but it wasn't.

Then I went to Oyster Creek Park to have lunch.

Who do I see at the main food booth? Two of my favorite students feeding the people. We traded pleasantries. I think my students were a little more than impressed that their teacher was out pounding the bricks for Democratic candidates (I was in a characteristically post-block walking slovenly appearance). I managed to purchase a well-done hot dog, chips and soda from them, sat with Lampson campaign people in their booth to eat (Nick had come and gone), then got up to find my Fort Bend Democrats. They had a booth in a favored place that took advantage of the breeze.

Signs were sold. Contacts made. We had a good visit. They fed me a turkey sandwich and replenished my absent di-hydrogen mon-oxide molecules.

Albert Hollan stopped by to thank me for the appendix on my 4 September posting (Labor Day). He said that he forwarded it to others and they all had a really good time with it. That's what is is all about friends and neighbors, sharing the love and maybe a few jokes along the way. Happy to do both, Albert.

Later on, I ran about helping people take down their booths, including that of my Ann, the best person I know, whose face was too red not to help her. We got all of it done and went our separate ways.

It wasn't just a good day, it was a very good day.


Anonymous said...

Hal? What? You didn't put up any 4 by 4's on your way to the Park? Dude, you're slacking off. I'll be by today with some t-posts and twist ties - we can't be having this "sitting around eating stuff" activity.

muse said...

hal, thanks for coming out and walking with us. I approve of the Veronica Torres t-shirt look. Purple looks great on you. :) I shoulda gotten out the muse camera.

We did good. Leaving our local candidates' literature at all of those houses was a very good thing.