Monday, March 02, 2009

Does Wall Street Want Obama to Fail, Too?

A random thought crossed my mind as I was reading about the 12-year low 6763 Dow-Jones average posted today, first time below 7000 points since the Internet evolved from ARPANET (thanks to Al Gore).

I was wondering whether Wall Street players want, as Rush Limbaugh and his dittoheads want, for Barack Obama to fail.

If so, they are certainly in the driver’s seat as it is their actions that drive the stock market, and everyone’s 401K with it.

Do you think?


Anonymous said...

Did it ever cross your mind that the Wall Street "players" (which include a lot of high-roller Democrats), don't have a lot of confidence in Team Obama's approach to leading us out of the recession?

Hal said...

Yes, Anon, it has.


It's a kind of a self-fulfilling mindset, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Is the whole world out to get President Obama?

* Wall Street fat cats are forcing the market to go down to make President Obama's economic policies look bad

* Rush Limbaugh is out to get him

* Obscure CNBC hosts (that nobody even knows) are being attacked by President Obama's spokesman

* The Russians aren't buying into his deals

* The earth is not warming.

For God's sake, President Obama is the President. The Democrats control the House. The Democrats control the Senate (and with liberal Republican's they are filibuster prooof). There is absolutely nobody to blame for President Obama to not get exactly (100& exactly) what he wants.

I've been reminded many times that President Obama is the smartest, most gifted leader we've ever seen. I don't recall him saying that it was going to be terribly difficult for him (along with a Democrat Congress) to get things accomplished. And don't give me the crap about "things are worse than anticipated." Remember, President Obama is the smartest, most gifted leader we've ever seen. Are you saying not even President Obama anticipated these challenges? Be careful, you might have to admit he is not "all knowing."

Anonymous said...

Flush all the DC boys and close down all the lobbyist lawyer offices in WDC too!

Hal said...

No, Anon, not the whole world. Just the part that wants him to fail. The ones who have it in their party's self interest for him to fail, never mind that in failing, the economy goes from bad to inconceivably bad.

Correction, Obama has a deficit of votes in the Senate. We can't rely on bipartisanship to persist there.

Anonymous said...

Stop viewing the existing paradigm as the solution. Neither tax supported party will produce anything but more of the same self-centered ego-centric wannabees.