Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another Bush Accomplishment: Back To the Bad Old Days

Remember when The Wall came down? It was 1992 and all of a sudden the Cold War was over. We won without very many shots fired.

Well guess what? While the Bush Regime was sleeping at the switch, Russia decided to reinstitute that grand old tradition of launching nuclear missile armed strategic bomber patrols once more.

The first since the program was closed in 1992.

Said Vladimir Putin of the resumption of these patrols:

“We proceed from the notion that our partners will react with understanding to the resumption of flights of the Russian strategic air forces. Our pilots have sat idle for too long. We have had a strategic air force but practically no flights.”

Why now?

What would cause the Russians to resume patrols by nuclear-armed bombers?

Most would laugh this off as a feeble attempt by a second-class nuclear power’s saber rattling. I have other ideas, however. Iran lies on Russia’s southern border, and the Bush Regime has made no bones about the fact that there is a desire to bomb this nation into subservience. Perhaps this is a message, a not-so-subtle message, that carrying out this Iranian attack would be an incredibly bad idea.

Do ya think?

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