Friday, August 03, 2007

Rick Noriega’s Extensive Interview on Valley Newsline

I was looking to see if anyone had put Texas State Rep. Rick Noriega’s 1 minute campaign ad on YouTube yet (it’s there) but in so doing, ran across an interview that Rick sat through this past week in the Rio Grande Valley. It’s a monster in terms of YouTube standards, running 22 and a half minutes long.

The interviewer was a local radio and TV newscaster, a guy named Ron Whitlock. I found it interesting that he had Rick sit through 2 long pieces done when John Cornyn was in the Valley recently, one on his announcement that he was submitting companion legislation in the Senate to fund the construction of a VA hospital in South Texas, the other a short hallway interview with the junior senator.

Then he started grilling Rick on his reaction to what Cornyn’s answers were, particularly on the border wall. Apparently when Cornyn is in South Texas he’s against the wall, and when he is in East Texas (or DC) he’s for it. “Waffling on the wall” Rick calls it.

The overall impression I got was that Whitlock is a Republican, and that he was trying to turn up the heat under Rick. This was most obvious in his reaction to Rick’s answer to his question about whether he will vote along party lines or not. Rick’s answer was that he would vote “for Texas”. “That’s your answer,” Whitlock said, “For Texas.”

Anyway I embedded the clip below. Before you click on it, get comfortable. Go get a beer, maybe some chips, and put your feet up.

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