Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gretchen Gives to Rick Noriega’s Campaign

I am a mere vessel.

Today Gretchen, a full and faithful member of the Fort Bend Democrats asked how she could contribute to Rick Noriega’s senatorial campaign fund. We were working around a table pricing the goods that we hope to sell this Saturday, see previous posting for time and place, and I gladly took her cash money.

I just took that and turned it into the 279th contribution on the DraftRickNoriega’s ActBlue Account.

You can too.

It’s here.

Or lots of places. One thing you can’t ding the Noriega campaign is a lack of places to donate campaign contributions. They are experts there.

They have to be. They are running against a dollar-charged juggernaut. Mikal Watts, his very undesirable, unwinnable opponent, who is self-funded. Absolutely, he has the money and is attracting all sorts of consultants who want to shove Rick’s candidacy aside. He can’t win, they say, because he hasn’t the funding. Well, I just say, wait awhile Mike. Wait awhile and watch the most amazing grassroots effort that nullifies your millions, Mike.

Dollars don’t win elections, Mike, voters do. Want to buy votes? Run for county commissioner. Don’t waste our time with your roast beef lunches, we can eat. Don’t waste our time with your candidacy. We can see through your disingenuousness. Do you honestly want us to vote so that women have no choice over the disposition of their own bodies? Are you insane?

There is only one solution to a Mikal Watts Democratic senatorial bid and that is a Rick Noriega vote. If you agree, and haven’t given yet, please contribute, as Gretchen has this evening. Please go to the ActBlue site and ACT BLUE.

Let’s get Rick Noriega on the November ballot for US Senator from Texas!

The ONLY candidate who can show John Cornyn the door.

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