Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sara’s Stuffed Animals Go to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

Well, since Mikal Watts did not cut the Fort Bend Democrats a check for ten large, as I suggested here, the Fort Bend Democrats dragged their sorry butts down to their former Headquarters in Rosenberg, Texas for a second Saturday sell off of choice items.

Again, business was brisk, and really good quality items were going out the front door at fire sale prices.

I bought a knee-high barbecue to cook our lunch. Hot dogs. Democratic Hot Dogs with Democratic Mustard, Yellow Dog Yellow mustard, and relish. We stopped at lunch time. We were so tired that no one made any snide remarks about my junior-sized cooker. In Texas, you see, barbecues resemble railroad tank cars and are nearly as big.

As it approached 3 PM, closing time, Marsha called the Richmond Police Department, then she called the Rosenberg PD even though she doesn’t like the chief of police there and called him a bad name. Then she called the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department and she got a taker.

"A taker for what?", you ask. Let me explain.

Fort Bend Democrat Sara donated to the garage sale her entire stuffed animal collection that she had been collecting since she was about as big as my new barbecue, but very few of them actually sold. Marsha knows that sometimes police officers carry a stuffed animal or two in their squad cars and hand them over to children who are traumatized because they have been involved in auto wrecks or are survivors of house fires – kids who are traumatized for whatever reason – and the stuffed toy comforts them. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department dispatched a deputy to the Headquarters to collect the collection. Sara helped the deputy carry out the big box of comfort critters and put it in the trunk of her patrol car.

When she came back in she had an almost stricken look on her face. She had just given away a big part of her childhood. She got a hug. In the end Sara knew that what she had done was going to render consolation and relief to over a hundred small children in their time of tearful distress.

And that made her feel pretty darned good about the whole thing.

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