Friday, August 03, 2007

Watts Running Scared Attempting to Recruit a Decoy

A little bird told me that this is a confirmed rumor: Mikal Watt$ is trying to drum up another Hispanic opponent to run against him in the March primary for US Senator from Texas.

Why another opponent? Why recruit opposition? Obviously this is a cynical attempt to split the Hispanic vote. And obviously, Watt$ is terrified that a people-powered progressive candidate like Rick Noriega will bowl him over in the primary. So to marginalize Noriega, Watts needs to marginalize an important voting bloc in Texas.

Now I ask you, is this the kind of guy Texas needs? The kind of guy who is trying to divide a huge voting bloc in Texas so that white people can elect their candidate?

The concern that I have is that we have a cynical, disingenuous opportunist trying to buy a seat in the Senate. That’s bad at a time when Democrats are in resurgence.

Are you tired of all these cynical machinations? Well I certainly am. I just made another contribution to Rick Noriega’s ActBlue online campaign contribution website. If you feel the same way, then exercise your righteous wrath and click on over to ActBlue. We’ve still got a way to go until we reach our 800 donors in a quarter goal. If you haven’t contributed yet, why not make this the occasion.

If you have, thank you, and how about another?

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