Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You Have GOT To See the Noriega Endorsement Videos

That’s it. You have to see them. HERE. If they don’t bring tears to your eyes you are as numb as John Cornyn’s brain when he voted against SCHIP. When he voted for taking your 4th Amendment rights away. When he voted for continued quagmire (Cheney, 1994) in Iraq.

Yep. Cornyn is toast. Whether it happens in a senatorial race in 2008 when Rick Noriega shows him the corral gate, or when he tries to re-up as Attorney General when our next president is a Democrat.

Either way, Cornyn is GTT (Gone To Texas) as his fellow Bushies Rove and Gonzo are.

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Anonymous said...

I think the video is of such quality that I went to the YouTube site and copied the embed code then posted it to my site at "This ain't my first rodeo." at