Monday, August 13, 2007

A Day In Hill Country

Normally I write all my own stuff on this blog, but once in awhile someone goes where I did not go, and writes up a little story. Geri did it for me in the last campaign season. And now I have another guest blogger who wrote an excellent summary of Hillary Clinton’s campaign stop in Houston last Saturday.

Here’s what Sue wrote:

I’ve lived in Fort Bend County long enough to know I shouldn’t be sharing this but…………what the hell, in my youth I visited the edge once or twice………why not now?

So here goes.

Yesterday Karl and I joined some friends on a short trek into the big city (where, thanks to Anthony we had some GREAT Greek food) and were lucky enough, thanks to Karrie, to have tickets to see Hillary (yes THE Hillary) on her Houston stump. We were in a great place, but she moved around a lot so my photos were somewhat blurry. I have attached three that came out okay.

While the pre-show entertainment was somewhat lacking, the room was electric and we joined around 1,000 other people who were, for the most part, responsible for designating Houston, ‘Hill Country’. I actually saw two daring people in the audience wearing Obama t-shirts, but, I’m sure most of the crowd (unlike me) had already decided that the next President of the U.S. will be a woman. A Democrat(ic) woman.

I know, I know. People generally have very strong opinions about her. Here in Fort Bend County, they think she is evil personified, but I have to tell you that she was incredible. She said all the right things. Her timing was on target, as was her sense of humor and her sense of justice. She really moved the crowd.

While I truly believe that Hillary has the best shot at being elected, I am now pumped and ready to hear Obama and Edwards. I’ll keep you posted!

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