Monday, August 13, 2007

Houston Has A Redneck In It

No, I swear it’s true. In the City of Houston there is a guy who doesn’t like peace. Probably doesn’t like people who aren’t white. And apparently has a real bee in his bonnet over Zydeco music. Well, maybe not that last one.

The Chron reports this morning that early this morning, about 1 AM according to the folks there, a bullet was fired into a studio window at the local radio station KPFT. According to KPFT, the bullet was fired from a passing car, hit the plexiglass part of the window, pierced the glass portion of the window and then slammed into the control room door on the far side of the room.

Police are looking for the bullet this morning.

No one was hurt, but the bullet passed within 18 inches of a woman’s head.

As a probable motive for the attack, station general manager Duane Bradley offered that “the sometimes-controversial station airs blues, folk and other types of music as well as ‘alternative’ programming about gay and lesbian issues and a program geared toward Texas prison inmates and their families.”

Bradley continued:
"There was actually a Zydeco music show that was on when this happened. Zydeco, if anything, is kind of happy music."
Most probably, the perpetrator had heard something on the show that he didn’t like, and decided to put redneck thoughts to redneck action.

You just know that unless a miracle happens the crime will go unpunished, but it makes me wonder whether, if caught, the criminal would be charged under the Hate Crimes law.


Anonymous said...

You're making some pretty big assumptions based on stereotypes. I don't like what happened at KPFT, but blaming it on a red neck is just ridiculous. Who knows what his or her motivations were? We should be OPEN to all possibilities. Isn't that what KPFT is all about?

Hal said...

Well yes, you are right. I figured that there are actually two kinds of people who would shoot out a radio station window in a drive by. A gang banger and a redneck.

So, yeah, maybe it was a gang banger.


Anonymous said...

Unlike a hate that is learned as one grows and develops among socially inappropriate role models, the dislike for Zydeco music is a product of antepartum neurological mis-wiring. There will be an article in the October '07 issue of the JAPA (Journal of the American Psychiatric Association) describing the signs, symptoms, etiology, pathology, treatment and prognoses for this new condition known as Musicos Zydecophobia Syndrome or MZS. Interestingly, the research indicates that it is more often diagnosed in upwardly mobile caucasian males over 25 and caucasian males over 50 plunging to the lower income brackets. It is significant that these two profiles are also the two groups most associated, in this century so far, with severe and pervasive unhappiness to the point of paranoia and schizophrenia. This in turn has caused a drain on our emergency local and state mental health funds which should be going to assist adolescents to withdraw safely from illegal drugs and immunize our school children.

Hal said...

Stop it, STOP IT! Van, you really crack me up. Say. From your posting I am guessing that you have experience in the medical field. How, then, would you rate the mental competancy of our noble leader?

Especially now that he has sliced half (or even more than half) of his brains away.

Rove was his brains. So as of the end of the month we are being led by a clueless fool.

Feel safe?

Anonymous said...

This has happened before. When KPFT first went on the air in 1970 the Klan bombed its transmitter twice.

They've got a nice political Talk Radio Show, "The Other Side," from 9-10:30 PM Thursday nights--90.1 FM. Except for that Talk Radio in Houston is 100% Right Wing Nut.