Thursday, August 23, 2007

Help Us Say “Welcome Home Rick!”

You might know, if you truly are paying attention, that Rick Noriega has been off to Commander School these past couple of weeks. Not the best time to take a couple of weeks off but he left the campaign in the capable hands of his wife, Melissa, and his very able campaign manager, former Harris County Democratic Chair Sue Schechter.

But tonight he’s back home and tomorrow he’s off to Austin to attend the Texas Democratic Party’s SDEC hoedown.

I have three things to do on this posting. One, to clear up an ambiguity from the previous posting with regard to Mikal Watt$’ lavish, sumptuous and prolific hospitality suite party for the SDEC members. If you note from the quotation of Mikal’s message to my SDEC member friend, he doesn’t actually mention the day of the party, just the time.

The only clue as to the day it is to take place is that it was going to take place after the “christening of the new building”. Now I come to find out that the “christening” is to take place at 5 o’clock PM on Friday afternoon/evening. I wrote that the party would be on Saturday. I just assumed that it would be on the day of the meeting. Wrong. This caused some consternation among some Noriega bloggers who were confused because they were told that the SDEC members were throwing Rick’s “Meet and Greet” on Friday, not Saturday. I was told that, too, but forgot. Sorry, school startup is on my mind these days. So this makes all the sense in the world (and yes, Mikal’s party does conflict with the party that the SDEC members are throwing for Rick – as he intended it to).

And is it just me or is a boat "christened" and building is "dedicated"? Or is this just another Watts codeword for the evangelicals?

The second is to highlight something that I off-handedly mentioned in yesterday’s post. Have you noticed that in Rick’s case it’s the SDEC members who are throwing a party (albeit a cheaper one) for Rick, but in Watt$’ case, he’s throwing his own party? It’s tough when you have all the money. People expect you to pay for everything. When you don’t have all the money, supporters come out of the woodwork and do what they do best . . support.

Finally, thirdly, the last thing I wanted to do is to do, what I initially set out to do: Welcome Rick back. What better way to do it than ActBlue? Rick’s campaign reached its goal of a $20,000 total at the campaign ActBlue site, so now they’re raising the bar.

Another $5,000 before midnight tonight.

I just slapped down my contribution here. Now listen, people. I am a public school educator in Texas. That means I am one of the worst-paid teachers in the nation. If I can do this, so can you.

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