Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vultures Flocking To Pick Over GOP’s Texas CD-22 Seat

Oh Thank you, Jesus! Now we truly have a feast on our hands. State Rep. Robert “Crazy Bob” Talton has just filed papers with the FEC informing the world of his intention to run for US Congress next year.

GOPers were really upset that they lost Tom DeLay’s seat to a Democrat last year, so much so that Karl Rove put Texas CD-22 at the top of his list of districts to target in the 2008 elections.

Oh, that’s right, Karl Who? The guy who shared Jack Abramoff’s assistant, I think.

One has to wonder which of the crowded field will CD-22 Republican stalwarts throw in for.

Will it be Crazy Bob? Here is his congressional campaign website. Of the bunch, I’d say he will be the personal and political favorite of the DeLay base here in CD-22.

Will it be Dean Hrbacek (pronounced Her-BAH-check as I found out yesterday). The guy who has established an exploratory committee, but apparently has spent some money on a telephone push poll.

What about Judge James “Reverend Jim” Squier? This Houston judge, I hear, is a real nutcase. A family court judge who counsels divorcing couples to make up and make nice because Jesus wants it.

Then we have Pasadena Mayor John Manlove. Manlove. Can you imagine DeLay’s Blue Hair Patrol matriarchs voting for a guy whose very own surname makes GLBT members smile?

Or how about Pete Olsen? John Cornyn’s former chief of staff? Yep, that’s what I thought. Pete Who?

And finally, what about the campaign fund front runner? Silly Shelley Sekula Dragonc—t Rodriguez Gibbs? What the heck, the woman has 180 large in her campaign coffers and has actually never stopped campaigning for the job that she won for a month before having to give it up to a Democrat.

Six candidates to choose from. Six. What a feast.

Hey, that reminds me of a little show that mother nature put on for me a couple of weeks back in my own neighborhood. There were six of them then, too, as I recall. Half Empty prediction: it’s going to look pretty much like this:


Global American said...

And not one of them has district wide name recognition (except for one who ran off an entire staff in less than a day on the job). Frankly, it makes no sense for the GOP to field anyone - CD22 loses its seniority if a Republican wins. That was what they told me when I ran "We can't lose DeLay's seniority." Now, with a Democrat majority in the House, it makes no sense for the 650,000 citizens to vote for anyone but Nick Lampson - or end up with a minority Rep with zero seniority. That would be dumb for the district.

TexasSusan said...

I have been waiting and waiting for this video.

Anonymous said...

Fine with me if "black helicopter" Bob and Silly Shelley are the two candidates. I cannot imagine two people who more appropriately represent the face of contemporary Republican conservatism.

God help them. Where do these people come from?

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm supporting Shelly (and it was Draculac--t, btw), but I will defend her in that the walkout from her congressional office was orchestrated by the Ft. Bend GOP in an effort to make her look bad and discredit her in the 2008 election. You never heard that one of the staff who claimed to have been hired by Shelley and talk a bunch of trash about her was actually hired by DeLay.

I guess the Ft. Bend GOP's plan worked ... you all believed that it was Shelley who ran them off.

Anonymous said...

Talton is one mean, old, nasty, white, man.

A perfect Republican candidate!

Hal said...

That's right, Draculac--t. I always liked Dragonc--t better but the write-in voter had his preference too and were different from mine.

A GOP plot to discredit Shelley? You have got to be kidding! Are you forgetting about the investigation she demanded upon finding out that the office's PCs were scrubbed (a standard procedure when the office changes hands)? Shelley is her own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen such a pathetic lineup since the 1962 Mets.