Sunday, August 05, 2007

John Edwards and Hillary Clinton at Yearly Kos Democratic Presidential Debate

The clip embedded below is from John Edwards’ campaign, uploaded on YouTube. It shows Edwards issuing a challenge to fellow presidential office seekers to refuse to take money from Washington DC lobbyists.

Since he allows that Senator Barack Obama has vowed not to take campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists, this is an out in the open shot across the bow at Hillary Clinton.

She responded to his challenge by saying, first, that in her 35 years of public life she has not been influenced by financial contributions. Here is where she got booed by her lefty audience. I found a CNN clip of just that on YouTube but I swear it has been pulled. That’s OK though, I’m glad I didn’t embed that one if it’s going to be pulled so quickly. If you want to watch the whole exchange on an 8 minute clip go here.

But then she recovered from the boos and came back with a point that I mentioned yesterday, that not all lobbyists are evildoers like Big PHARMA.

She didn’t get a huge ovation but she seemed to have earned their respect on that point.

And on a related, but then again, unrelated matter, here is Keith Olberman’s Worst Person in the World countdown (Dubya only made 1st runner up this time).

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