Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Craig To Resign on Saturday

Just announced late today, Larry Craig’s spokesman said that his boss will make an announcement on his future tomorrow, Saturday September 1st. The content of the announcement was not released, but “GOP officials” told the AP wire service that Craig would announce his resignation.

This is strictly an in-house thing. Democrats, with the exception of maybe the bloggers, have been all but silent on the Larry Craig “shoe butting” incident last June 11th. Democrats asked themselves “Why make a saint out of him by attacking him?” His own party will do the job nicely, thank you.

As a senator from a state whose population is dominated by Latter Day Saints adherents, even the slightest hint that he has gay tendencies is like poisoning the well. He is unelectable in 2008, so rather than primary him in what could turn out to be a very embarrassing campaign for Craig – especially when gays seem to be coming out of the woodwork with gay stories about him – GOPers must have convinced him of his hopeless position.

I actually feel some sympathy for the guy even though, as a gay or bisexual man, he constantly voted against issues that would help gays and lesbians have better lives. What this teaches us is that being gay is not a choice to make. Being gay crosses political boundaries. As a Democrat, a gay person has fewer issues and problems with fellow Democrats, but the same cannot be said for a Republican gay. Hypocrisy is the end result.

And finally, while I am on the subject, as a heterosexual male, I strongly object when my fellow Democrats label gay Republicans “Grand Old Perverts”. Being gay is not a perversion, thank you very much, and as progressives, you should know better. And it’s not a choice as Texas senatorial candidate Mikal Watts would have you believe.

I hope someday Larry Craig will come to terms with his sexual orientation. Maybe it will be possible now without his having to satisfy the sexual sensibilities of Republican bigots.

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