Monday, March 22, 2010

The 34 Ds Who Voted Against Healthcare Reform

OK, here they are, the 34 Democrats who voted against healthcare reform:

Adler, John Herbert NJ-3
Altmire, Jason PA-4
Arcuri, Michael Angelo NY-24
Barrow, John Jenkins GA-12
Berry, Robert Marion AR-1
Bright, Bobby Neal AL-2
Boren, David Daniel OK-2
Boucher, Frederick Carlyle VA-9
Bright, Bobby Neal AL-2
Chandler, Albert Benjamin KY-6
Childers, Travis Wayne MS-1
Davis, Artur Genestre AL-7
Davis, Lincoln Edward TN-4
Edwards, Thomas Chester TX-17
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie SD
Holden, Thomas Timothy PA-17
Kissell, Larry NC-8
Lipinski, Daniel IL-3
Lynch, Stephen F. MA-9
Marshall, Jim GA-8
Matheson, James David UT-2
McIntyre, Mike NC-7
McMahon, Michael E. NY-13
Melancon, Charles J. LA-3
Minnick, Walt ID-1
Nye, Glenn C. VA-2
Peterson, Collin Clark MN-7
Ross, Michael Avery AR-4
Shuler, Heath NC-11
Skelton, Isaac Newton MO-4
Space, Zachary T. OH-18
Tanner, John S. TN-8
Taylor, Gary Eugene MS-4
Teague, Harry NM-2

You can see some more data here

The Washington Post analysis not only has who voted for and against HR 3590, but it has all the money each congressman has taken from the healthcare industry, and what percentage of their constituents don’t have any health insurance at all.

Oh, I do love me some data like this.

Believe me, I looked through this data and there is no correlation at all. In fact, it looks like the ones who voted for healthcare reform have in fact taken more money from the healthcare lobbyists than those who voted against it.

No, if there is any correlation at all, it is to the fact that a majority of the 34 are from states that once fought in the War of the Northern Aggression (as we call it here in Texas) on the wrong side.

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