Wednesday, March 24, 2010

They Throw Bricks, Don’t They?

They’re throwing bricks now.

They’re threatening the lives of Congressmen and even their children.

They are cutting the gas lines at the homes of Congressmen’s relatives.

And guess what? No one in the Republican Party is lifting a finger, or raising a voice to remind these Neanderthals that there are rules.

Making me think that this kind of behavior is useful to the Republican Party. And that kind of makes sense to me.

And just a little too familiar.

So it looks like the Republican Party has officially cast its lot with the rightwing radical fringe and they are all in now. Sarah Palin, as usual goes them one better. Rather than keeping mum she encourages their behavior in her now famous tweet “Don’t retreat. RELOAD.”

Giving the moderates and centrists where to go?

Giving the Independents where to go?

Anywhere, I think, other than towards the party of Neu Kristallnacht.

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