Thursday, March 04, 2010

And In the Runoffs . . .

Yes, we do have some elections that are yet to be decided. Even in the traditionally ho-hum Democratic primary.

From top to bottom here they are.

In CD-14 where we had a 3-way race to challenge Ron Paul in the Fall, it looks like Robert Pruett got the bulk of the votes at 41.59% with his chief opponent, Winston Cochran coming in second with 31.07% of the vote.

Jeff “I’m Really a Republican” Cherry came in dead last, proving that he was more of a fly in the ointment than a viable candidate. So now Pruett will face Cochran in the runoff.

I still think Pruett Can Do It.

In HD 76, incumbent Norma Chavez will have a runoff election with Naomi Gonzalez. Now there’s a race to watch. One wonders if voters had a problem with name recognition, or will have it once Tony San Roman is no longer on the ballot with them.

Speaking of runoffs, John Healey will have to face Nina Schaefer in a runoff election as no one could attain 50% plus 1. So we still have a chance that Healey will be re-elected if he beats Schaefer in the Get Out The Vote effort.

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Marsha said...

Hal, Coming home tonight after mailing the papers from my precinct caucus Tuesday night I was listening to KTRH. I think it was Hannity (or some Repug talk host) was telling the Nation that Rick Perry will again be Governor of the State of Texas because Perry won the election. I guess he has a Genie who has predicted the defeat of Bill White. I want to hear or see him after White "cleans Perry's Clock" in November.