Sunday, March 14, 2010

Texas Democratic Party to Kesha Rogers: Take a Hike

Yesterday at the State Democratic Executive Committee meeting in Round Rock we see the following resolution submitted and passed by the committee members:

WHEREAS, congressional candidate Kesha Rogers describes and defines herself as a LaRouche Democrat, and

WHEREAS, Ms. Rogers' campaign rhetoric, literature, platform positions and website confirm that she is a dedicated follower of Lyndon LaRouche and is an associate of and messenger for the LaRouche Movement, and

WHEREAS, prior actions by Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche Movement include instances of illegal activities, discriminatory proclamations and thuggish behavior, and

WHEREAS, the historical record of documentation, both produced by and relating to Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche Movement contains clear, convincing and overwhelming evidence of discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation and ethnic origin, and

WHEREAS, the rules of the Texas Democratic Party (Art. I, B, 1.) require that no test of membership, nor oaths of loyalty, to the Texas Democratic Party shall be used if those oaths or tests would have the effect of requiring members of the Democratic Party to acquiesce in, condone or support discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnic origin, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that no Rules or Declarations of the Texas Democratic Party that require support for Party nominees shall be enforced or have any application as they relate to the candidacy of any person identifying him or herself as aligned with the LaRouche Movement or Lyndon LaRouche, and, be it further

RESOLVED, that Members, Officers and Candidates of the Texas Democratic Party are neither required nor encouraged to support the candidacy of any person indentifying him or herself as aligned with the LaRouche Movement or Lyndon LaRouche but are nevertheless free to relate to, describe and interact with any such candidates or campaigns as they individually deem appropriate, and, be it further

RESOLVED, that the Texas Democratic Party will have no relationship with the campaign of any person indentifying him or herself as aligned with the LaRouche Movement or Lyndon LaRouche; no such campaigns will have access to Party materials or data, no listing on the Party website and no position of privilege or recognition at Party meetings or conventions.

Nice, huh? Now perhaps we won’t see any more toothless statements from party officials who felt bound by the requirements of their office not to say what they really and truly thought about a so-called Democrat who wants to impeach President Obama because he is a puppet of the British Monarchy.

I particularly like the part about being “neither required nor encouraged to support” a LaRouche Movement candidate. Not only is it an invitation to discourage support of Kesha Rogers, it specifically leaves out any reference to “LaRouche Democrat.”

“LaRouche Democrat” is as much an oxymoron as “Compassionate Conservative.”


Anonymous said...

Strikes me there will be an interesting lawsuit here. Rogers should win.

Moreover, I find it distressing that the party insiders have decided that they can overrule the will of the voters.

Hal said...

That'll be a fun one to watch, Anon. IF it happens. Rogers is already on record as saying she doesn't want the help of "party hacks."

Anonymous said...

If the Democratic Party can't support a democratic grass roots and duly elected candidate like Kesha Rogers, you can expect a landslide victory for the Republicains next November.

Hal said...

Maybe so, Anon. Particularly with respect to CD 22. Pete Olson is virtually guaranteed a 2nd term because no truly informed Democrat would vote for the likes of Kesha Rogers.

I have even seen it where die-hard Democrats have contributed to Olson's campaign fund out of fear that Kesha could win.

That is outright ludicrous.

Mainly by the time the TDP and county parties and Democratic clubs and blogs like mine have our say, Kesha Rogers is going to be completely discredited.

Anonymous said...

Talk about between a rock and a hard place.

This is probably a silly question, but since the LaRouche followers discriminate and are racist, how in the he--did Kesha become such a passionate follower and how does Kesha fit into this jig-saw puzzle, or does Kesha not realize she is part of a minority group that the LaRouche followers would more than likely discriminate against and perhaps target exhibited racism toward?

Oh my, go figure.

Hal said...

You're wondering, Anon, why anyone in their right mind would support a movement, support a candidate, when doing so goes against their ouw self interest?

Ever seen a McCain/Palin sign in the window of a trailer in a trailer park? I have.

Susan said...