Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Republicans Saving Democrats from Self-Annihilation

I simply adore the way Republicans are bending over backwards trying to save the Democrats in the House and Senate from themselves.

Adore it.

For the past few weeks I have been hearing from Republicans how the Democrats, if they stay on their course to pass healthcare reform through reconciliation, will be voted out by a process-absorbed electorate. An electorate that will become outraged that Democrats pass healthcare reform against their will.

I got curious today, and wanted to find out where all of that came from. Republicans don’t come up with this stuff by themselves. They need help.

And I think I found the answer. It came from an interview taken last month by political analyst Charlie Cook with a National Journal reporter. Here are excerpts of the interview courtesy of The Washington Post:

See? Charlie Cook thinks that the Democrats are going to lose the House in the mid-term elections because of all of their problems.

The problem being underlined by Republicans over the past couple of weeks is the Democratic Party wrestling match with itself over healthcare, and a final plan to resolve the issue of passage by resorting to what Republicans are referring to as “The Nuclear Option:” Reconciliation.

First, that isn’t “The Nuclear Option.” The Nuclear Option is defined as removal of the Senate filibuster rules of as 60% majority in procedural votes. Not the opposite.

But second, I just have to say ‘thanks but no thanks’ to Republicans in congress who are all bending over backwards to keep Democrats from incurring the wrath of voters, who will surely rise as one in righteous wrath and vote these rascals, the ones who brought them healthcare reform, back to oblivion from whence they came.

To Republicans I have to ask this: where is the upside? What political benefit do they achieve by allowing Democrats to exercise this so-called “nuclear option?”

Why not just sit back and let it happen?

Democrats will be Democrats, after all, and end up shooting themselves in the foot over this issue. Then they can just move in and take over, right?

Just let it happen, guys.

Or wait, could it be that Republicans are actually scared scat-less that healthcare reform will pass, the public will like what they see, and oh by the way, the stimulus starts working and jobs start coming back, including the 250,000 census workers who will get jobs this year.

Combating healthcare reform, Republicans are playing the fear card at every dealt hand. Spreading rumors, drumming up anxieties. But I’ll tell you who is most afraid that Democrats will succeed this year.

Fear evokes fear. Republicans should be very afraid.

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