Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweeter and Sweeter: Voyeurgate Might Never Have Happened

Why, have we all asked ourselves, did the RNC staffer who OK’d the $1,946.25 bar tab to the West Hollywood Gay/Lesbian/Dominatrix entertainment facility, think they could get away with it?

Who could be soooo stupid?

Well, it turns out that Voyeurgate has now entered a new realm of sweetness.

It seems that the RNC staffer host who was entertaining Young Republican high rollers that fateful post-Grammy January 31st evening, the guy who invited Orange County (a very conservative county in California known as the birthplace of the John Birch Society) high roller Eric Brown to “the hottest nightclub in town,” had some bad credit.

When the staffer attempted to settle the bill with his credit card, it was declined at the end of the night.

So Eric Brown, magnanimous high roller that he was, picked up the tab.

Specifically, Brown was asked “Please help me out and I’ll be sure you are reimbursed right away by the RNC.”

And so he did.

And so he was.


Anonymous said...

Although I am African American, I think Michael Steele ought to resign as Chairman of his party--now, he may or may not have participated directly in this latest fall-out, but, it looks bad and is fuel for the fire in a continuing series of wrong headed statements, decisions, and occurrences under Michael Steele’s leadership or “not” leadership.

I, additionally, feel badly for him because it is obvious he is holding on to a position that he is not “really wanted or respected” in the same manners as previous Party Chairs. Plus, he looks so ridiculous trying to defend the “far right agenda” that is definitely not in his “own” best interests politically or personally. It is such a joke, scam, and height of hypocrisy. Michael Steele is not dumb, deaf, and blind, so he has to "know" this. So is he apart of the Party Scam deliberately? And if so, it is a pathetic effort to be seen as having some type high profile power in a secret competitive manner as he tiny little jealous ego tries to compete with the first Black President, Barack Obama!

How sad for Mr. Steele. He needs to resign.

Hal said...

Anon, as a Democrat I would like Michael Steele to stay exactly where he is. I would even venture so far as to say that the DNC should put up his salary. Not because of his statements, not because of his competence, only because it exposes the GOP for the crass hypocrites that they are. Yes, he is neither wanted or respected in his position, so how did he get there in the first place? The GOP saw the Democrats elect an African-American as their leader so they went and got themselves one, too.

Steele's only mistake was taking the job knowing how they must all feel about him, despite what they said.

If Steele resigns, it lets the lying racist GOP leadership off the hook.