Saturday, March 06, 2010

And Funding the Kesha Rogers Campaign…

The Houston Chronicle has an interesting take on the Kesha Rogers victory in CD-22.

It even mentions this blogger’s plan to vote for the 2nd place winner in the Democratic primary: Under Vote.

But in the final analysis, it all comes down to Doug Blatt’s own opinion on the nature of the race and CD-22 voters:

“I am sorry to inform you that we lost. I am sorry that I was not able to get the word out more. The winner, Kesha Rogers, is already claiming on her web site that this means that Democrats in district 22 want to impeach the President. I can't believe that most people who voted for her, knew that she wants to do that. I do believe that most of them didn't do any research about the candidates before voting.”

In my county-by-county review of the vote, it was very clear to me that the voter was very uninformed, and many voters simply selected the person whose name appeared at the top of the ballot box. Clearly, there was such a high amount of voter ignorance in this race that the second highest vote-getter in the race was “none of the above.”

But more than a few that I have talked to have suggested that Kesha Rogers was a stalking horse candidate with Pete Olson’s campaign secretly supporting it. It even occurred to me as I was quizzed by a Princeton, NJ pollster who I would vote for if Olson and Rogers appeared on the ballot in November.

So I decided to take a look at the FEC campaign reports to see where the money to fund Rogers’ campaign came from.

In the one filing that I looked at, the one filed in January, 2010, here is what I found.

Rogers had 10 campaign contributions from 9 individuals totaling $3,750. No PAC money was reported.

While none of the supporters stood out, and none of the contributions were higher than $500, it was clear that one supporter was a big local backer. This guy donated $500 to the campaign which was immediately returned to his company for the use of office space at that company.

And over the past 7 years, the same guy has contributed over $25,000 to the Lyndon LaRouche for President Campaign or PAC.

A student made two contributions of $300 each, making him the biggest contributor.

The same guy has donated over $1,000 to the Lyndon LaRouche campaign in 2004.

Some unemployed guy living in Las Vegas gave Rogers $500. The same guy has donated $11,500 to the LaRouche campaign over the past 3 years, $500 to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and $500 each to the three LaRouche Youth candidates running for Congress this year. Rogers was the only one of the three to win. Small wonder, the other two ran against Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.

Actor Robert Beltran, who played Raoul in the 1981 cult classic “Eating Raoul” gave Rogers $500. He has also donated to the Howard Dean campaign and to the LaRouche campaign in 2003 and 2004 ($1000 each time).

By far the biggest honcho who contributed to Rogers’ campaign was the president of a document conversion company that is headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia (a city also known for being the hometown of LaRouchePAC). Since 1999 he has given over $27,000 to LaRouche or ones like Rogers who run under the LaRouche banner.

I could go on but you do see where this is leading, don’t you? If Pete Olson was behind Kesha Rogers’ campaign, he cleverly did it through LaRouche supporters spread out over the country. Something that I doubt.

No, according to the FEC, Rogers took in $3,326 spent $1,315 and had $2011 on hand, as of January 26th, 2010. All of her funding, from what I could see, was from followers of Lyndon LaRouche (who sometimes, but not often, donated to True Democrats).

As a footnote, I decided to take a look at who were the money people behind Doug Blatt’s campaign. That one was easy because the single biggest contributor to Doug Blatt for Congress was Doug Blatt. His wife and parents came in 2nd and 3rd. Oh, and one In Kind donation from the Texas Democratic Party for access to the Voter Activation Network.

Neither Freddie or Kesha took advantage of the TDP voter database, preferring to rely on general voter ignorance and some cosmic miracle in the game of what I call "Ballot Position Roulette."

Blatt was, after all, the only True Democrat running.


Marsha said...

Hal,It makes me GAG every time I hear or read that Twinkie Rogers calls herself a Democrat. I will personally work to keep her from winning the seat even if I have to tolerate Pete for another 2 years. I want her to fly out of my area on her shuttle an not come back to Texas. The LaRouche people are so out of touch with the average citizens of Texas it scares me. I WILL undervote in November while trying to stop Ms. Rogers from corrupting our children like she did at HCC in Sugar Land.

Anonymous said...

Well, when I went to Early Voting I overheard a very, senior citizen in the next booth talking out loud repeating her name as she was trying to locate Ms. Rogers' name to vote for her. I'm sure this elderly lady did not understand what Ms. Rogers views are about.

LynMarcus said...

There is a local business called SouthWest Literature Distributers which is one of several business fronts for the cult. Kesha and the other members have this task of always refering to themselves as "volunteers" when asked about their lives. What a cult can do
is have members classified as "volunteers" instead of employees which lets them skip things like paying a minimum wage, taxes, FICA over time and other expenses of being an employee.

Kesha should be asked for her tax returns and if she can claims ot have been paid real wages by the cult or does she claim to be a "volunteer" as so many in the culot do.

Larouche has had nearly 330 million dollars travel through the cult in persuit of his delusions. He lives like a millionaire while the membwrs are traveling nomads who work 16 hour days, 6 to 7 days a week in anever ending orgy of nuclear war, economic collapse and a New Dark Ages.

Larouche can run these drop outs endlessly by having this never ending apocolypse which can only be stopped by, raising more money.

Some of Kesha's friends in the local cult business office have been "volunteers" since the mid 1970s! You can save a fortune in taxes and wages by using this tried and true cult formula.

If you can clasify a few hundred members as "volunteers" instead of employees and have them work around the clock, you can save an incredible amount of money in wages and local,state and Federal taxes over a year. Multiply that by 40 years and you can see how profitable a cult can be.

On the site you can read a report on just how much a Kesha Rogers is worth to the cult in dollars and cents.

These cultists call themselves Democrats? Read what the cults LPAC National Leader had to say about a Black Democratic Senator years ago to see what sort of crazy town you are about to enter.

Just google Debbie Freeman with Parren Mitchell and see that the Senator had to pull a gun on the cult gang sent to his house.

"His outfit smacks of fascism to me," Rep. Parren J. Mitchell (D-Md.) said in a statement introduced in the libel case. Mitchell said in an interview that LaRouche supporters tried to break up his political gatherings in Baltimore and distributed literature calling him a drug dealer and a "house nigger." Mitchell said he received several anonymous telephone calls, including one death threat.

"I knew it was them because I recognized some of their voices," Mitchell said. He said the harassment ended soon after he pulled a gun on a group of LaRouche supporters gathered outside his Baltimore home. "

Hal said...

Lots of information there, Lyn. I'm not into fact checking so I am going to take your word for all of that. What I do know is that the company you named is definitely the company whose office space the campaign rented. One hand washed the other. They received a $500 donation from the company's sales rep and they promptly paid it back to the company to pay for the space.

That lends credence to these points you make, doesn't it?

Kheris said...

I'd like to know how she scored over $2300 in unitemized donations, of which $1900 is mentioned on this report. She scored just over $6K in total contributions.

keep_it_real said...

Cult, cult, cult, cult-y, cult, cult. Maybe if you say it enough times you can actually convince people it's true. Hmmm, what's it called when you simply repeat something over and over until some one is convinced? Brainwasning? At least you won't have to worry about Hal checking the facts, it looks like. Lyn Marcus is the pen name that Larouche used for a while. Now, who is obsessed here? The truth is, more and more people don't think it's so crazy when some one says our system is crashing. Just because some people saw that and have been trying to stop it since before it was becoming painfully obvious, does not make them crazy.

LaRouche isn't some mysterious cult leader, as you could compare the leading economists who swear there is a recovery coming, but never for casted the specific mechanism of the 2008 collapse in the first place. The L-dog did, baby.

As far as LaRouche saying some things that might be offensive to people who have closed thier minds to trying to see the point the point. How "offensive" is to you that millions of children starve each year when we have the capability of preventing it through physical economic developement, just not enough people yet in this country to stand up and fight for them?? The point is to create metaphors to get people to see the situation from being an individual living through a period of economic collapse while at the same time presenting them with a choice whether to fight for the future, or go-along-to-get-along.

I like to think this is much better than stealing some ones pen name and personally stalking/slandering them with no purpose but vengeance. What is your personal grudge anyway "lyn"??