Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pete Olson: Highway Hypocrite

So I got this email message from the Democratic Party today. Here is how it began:

Hal --

Are you represented in Congress by a Highway Hypocrite?

Highway Hypocrites voted against the Recovery Act and spent the last year attacking it -- while praising it in letters requesting funds and press releases touting projects in their districts.

We've identified 118 Republican senators and representatives guilty of highway hypocrisy. But we know there are more.

Click here to find out if you're represented by a Highway Hypocrite -- and help us expose others.

Now sometimes I can be a little dense, especially when it comes to my congressman, Pete Olson. I expect so little from him that I don’t really add one and one when I see in the news – well the news I watch anyway – how all over the place Republicans who voted against the Recovery Act are taking credit for bringing stimulus money to their districts.

So when I clicked on the link and entered the information the website reported that Olson represented me (that’s a laugh) and that he voted against the Recovery Act. Nothing new there. But I looked and looked and couldn’t see if he was on their list of 118 hypocrites.

Then I realized that he is a highway hypocrite. And I even posted a blog piece about it last month.

Like I say, sometimes I can be a little dense.

So yes, Pete Olson is a highway hypocrite, and yes, I googled it and he is on the list. Pete Olson voted No on the Recovery Act and then came to the aid of Democratic County Commissioner Richard Morrison in making a request for Recovery Act money to fund a road widening project.

A request that was appropriately enough rejected.

Texas only received two grants out of that pool of money, both of them in the Democratic Free State of Dallas.

Pete Olson: Highway Hypocrite.

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