Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Face of the Teabaggers

Ever wonder why the only people you see at Teabagger rallies are old angry white people? Whatever happened to kindly and benevolent old geezers like Grandpa Walton?
Or what about Grandpappy Amos?

Sort of makes you nostalgic for a bygone time when old people were maybe a little crusty but benevolent beings who never had a bone to pick with anyone except for the occasional young scamp who ran through their vegetable garden.

But these days, the face of old people that keeps turning up at Teabagger rallies look like this guy.

A real class act, huh?


Anonymous said...

I guess you have never been to one of these events. After all, there is great diversity in age, many women, openly gay individuals, and plenty of minorities.

Anonymous said...

So true Hal.
I'm sure they are some of the ones who are sore losers and are "still" hiss-booing Ron Reynolds on Fortbendnow and to boot, some, even, admit they were not pleased with Dora. Go figure?

Yet, additionally, once again, this crowd was silent when all the horrid antics of the past, awful misery of the former administation of 8 years commenced, and for which we, the American people of the USA are still suffering the after effects.

Delezzia said...

What's this geezer got to be angry about? I bet he still cashes his social security check without thinking twice. Hypocrites.

Hal said...

Anonymous #1: Yes I have been to Teabagger rallies. They are noted for their utter lack of racial diversity. They had one African-American Libertarian and that was it.

Oh, no, wait. There were 4 other African-Americans there. They were staging a counter protest and were shouting "Healthcare now." Some old white guy circulated his hat to get donations so they could buy health insurance.

And who is under the impression that gays are all Democrats. That is one human trait that crosses party lines. Like gender does.

Youth, also. There are young people out there who are completely clueless. They go to Teabagger rallies too. I took a photograph of one carrying a sign that said "Obama's Policy Is. Genocide." The rally organizer told him not to block the speaker with his sign.

But mostly it was old white people who thought they were at church.