Thursday, March 25, 2010

Banking on Boorish Behavior

Randy Neugebauer (TX-19) has a new campaign video on his campaign website now. Because you see, Neugebauer has learned what his compadre in the House learned earlier this year when Joe “You Lie” Wilson turned his incivility into about a million and a half dollars.

So rather than just hide behind his weak explanation that he really didn’t yell “Baby Killer” at Bart Stupak, he yelled “It’s a baby killer” instead, Neugebauer cut a video that pretty much admits up front that "Baby Killer" is exactly what he said – wink, wink.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch it yourself.

Get that? “Maybe in a little bit different form . . .”

So Randy Neugebauer came out from behind his lie because he realized that this is going to benefit him by snagging more lucre from rightwing anti-choice fanatics. Why he needs to raise more campaign funds is anyone’s guess, maybe so he can pass it around to his friends in congress who don’t live in safe districts (his Democratic challenger in ’08 lost by over 47%). Buying some good will from your fellow Dark Siders isn’t a bad idea.

You see, unlike Joe Wilson’s Democratic challenger, Neugebauer hasn’t a chance to lose in his Republican +47 district. Democrats nation-wide sent about the same amount of contributions to his campaign as Republicans sent to Wilson’s. Nevertheless, someone has set up an Act Blue “Stop Randy Neugebauer” web page, a page to benefit Neugebauer’s Democratic challenger in the 2010 elections: Andy Wilson.

At this writing 10 individuals have donated $400 to this specific Andy Wilson Act Blue Page, and $2210 (from 46 supporters) to Andy Wilson across Act Blue.

The Stop Randy Neugebauer site is here.

I don’t know, the numbers don’t look very good, but maybe this is an opportunity to vote in TX-19 if you don’t live there, and make a statement about Randy Neugebauer’s boorish behavior and his despicable attempt to benefit monetarily from his puerile behavior that does nothing but whip up the emotional vitriol of the rabid right.

Why not throw in a Hamilton or a Jackson at Andy Wilson’s Stop Randy Neugebauer Act Blue site?

It couldn’t hurt.

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