Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On a Fool’s Errand

Paraphrasing Judge Sparks’ comment in regard to extending the temporary restraining order enjoining CD-22 GOP precincts from carrying on any activity to name a replacement for ex-Congressman Tom DeLay’s candidacy (because I can’t relocate the URL where I originally read it), the judge allowed that extending the TRO would not be necessary because “they would not be so foolish as to proceed”. Well, welcome to a fool’s paradise.

As described in FortBendNow in exquisite detail, Harris County precinct chairs have already exercised their 41 opinions, but for whatever reason, and I can think of several, the votes were not tallied. Voting in Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston counties aren’t slated until the later this week, but one would hope that Judge Sparks will deliver his ruling in time for some of them to save their gas money for another day.

But that won’t help 4 out of the galaxy of personalities who have already expended time and energy to get themselves nominated to a candidacy that may never exist. I googled all of the named candidates and found the candidate websites that I already knew about: those of Campbell, Sekula-Gibbs and Wallace.

Unlike the other two, Campbell’s is a holdover from his days as a candidate in the primary, but also has a statement in regard to a special election that never happened. I really like it. It has an effect of a flag waving in the breeze, and the navigation bar has a nice sound effect. If you put your cursor on one option and click once, it makes a nice dull thud sound come out of your speakers. For the truly bored, go there click once on the bar and then run your cursor left and right really fast, or see if you can get it to play “Louie Louie”. I also like it because it echoes many views of the Lampson Campaign.

On the other hand, the website put up by Shelley Sekula-Gibbs is post April 3rd. It’s a really clean site with simple navigation. She has page showing a huge list of supporters. I hope at least a few of them live in district. But alas, it could be all for naught.

David Wallace’s website, also post April 3rd, is a nightmare. David, most people can’t read type that small. I had to put my nose 5 centimeters from the screen to see what you wanted to say about yourself. It was either that or change my screen resolution to 800 x 600. And you know, as Nick gets his message out, and he is, people are going to look at you askance: “Liberal Democrat Nick Lampson”? He seems kind of moderate. And David, Nick Lampson didn’t file suit against anyone. Where did you read that?

And both you and Shelley need to put “fun stuff” on your site, like Tom Campbell did.

But wait, there’s one more. I happened on an entry at domaintools.com where it looks like Robert Talton has reserved a website on April 26th. All you see at http://www.taltonforcongress.com/ is an “Under Construction” notice. That’s smart. Reserve the name before some other guy named Talton runs for congress, but don’t let it all hang out there in cyberspace, bidding for a position on a ballot that 1) may be already taken or 2) may never exist.

And that’s it. I couldn’t come up with any reference to websites for any of the other guys who are looking to fill the vacancy. It's worth noting that Mike Jackson got the most hits of any of the candidates, bar none. But I think most of them had to do with a discredited singer/pederast, and not the one I was looking for.

Starting tomorrow: Sparks Watch.


Mark said...

Howdy Hal, and welcome to the blogging world of CD22. It has been quite a yarn unravelling before our eyes - Your graph below captures the irony perfectly.

I've also been keeping my eyes open for any signs of GOP activity online. The only other site I found was a bizarre registration by Mac Macall, Wallace's campaign manager: http://nicklampsondoubletalk.com

Right now it's just a press release (and highly inaccurate at that). I'll have to agree, for the guy with $200,000, David's operation looks the most amateur.

Conventional wisdom says Talton isn't campaigning because he doesn't have to. He locked this thing up weeks ago. Tonight will be a good indication if that's true. I will be there at the Fort Bend GOP meeting, and I'll be sure to update with details.

Hal said...

Mark -

Take good notes.

I had heard that about Talton having the whole thing in his pocket. Why look like an ineffectual out-of-the-loop sideliner by putting up a campaign site before the coronation? Better just to go out and make sure you have the domain name you want and pay for it for a year.