Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Texans: Cast Your Vote for Radnofsky to Receive Campaign Funds

Hey Texas Democrats (and disillusioned Republicans). We have a task to accomplish before July 21st. You all need to go to Barbara Boxer’s website and vote for Barbara Ann Radnofsky so her campaign will receive an infusion of funds from Boxer’s PAC for a Change.

Barbara Ann Radnofsky is on a short list of names of promising Democratic challengers in this year’s Senate races. Your vote is needed so that the winner of this vote will be featured in a fundraising email to her PAC for Change community. In May they raised $30,000 dollars for congressional races: Rep. Leonard Boswell in Iowa and Francine Busby in California.

At this writing, Barbara Ann is in 4th place (12%) behind Bob Casey (PA) - 20%, Claire McCaskill (MO) - 16%, and Sherrod Brown (OH) - 16%.

Kay Bailey Hutchison (who, I hear, sides with Evil) has an $8 million war chest and you can bet that what she doesn’t spend on her own campaign, will be spent to further the cause of Evil here and in other states.

Barbara Ann stretches her campaign funds (20 to 1, I hear), so you can be sure that a vote for Barbara Ann is also a vote for taking full advantage of the Boxer group's contribution.

So if you haven’t voted yet, go here and make it so. You have until this Friday.

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