Monday, July 17, 2006

The Percs of Quitting

Take a look at muse’s post today, and Juanita’s post yesterday about Tom DeLay's FEC filing. An entry dated April 25, 2006 (that's right, 22 days after he said he was going to quit) shows that our Tom made a payout of $32,396.02 as a final car payment to US Bank Loan PO Box 790436 Saint Louis, Missouri 63179-0436.

Final car payment? Gee, Tom, I would have negotiated that deal down a little. What’s the car made of, platinum?

Oh, I see. It’s like what you did back in ’04 when you leased a 2004 Toyota Sienna minivan as your campaign car, in 2003, then plunked down a “final payment” after the campaign was over.

Well what the heck, Tom. I’m still driving around my ’03 Honda, couldn’t you have just used the Sienna for your ’05-’06 campaign? What happened to the Sienna, Tom? Why’d you have to buy another car? Oh, that's right, it wasn’t your money.

I wonder if Ronnie Earle is going to want to take a look at that deal as well. It seems he subpoenaed Toyota Motor Corp. for all records regarding the lease and sale of that Sienna as part of his investigation in DeLay’s 2002 money laundering scheme.

Is that pretty much what all quitting candidates get to do? Buy their campaign cars with leftover campaign money. Hey, that’s not a bad deal.

Those are the percs.

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Anonymous said...

I like the $500 lunches, too. Nice perk. And hiring your daughter? Priceless!