Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Anne Coulter Says She Wants John Edwards Dead, Then Denies It.

These two You Tube videos are playing on John Edwards’ website. One is from yesterday morning, a clip of Coulter on her “Faggot” remark of a few months back. Now she just wants him to be murdered by terrorists.

Then today, she appeared on Chris Matthews’ MSNBC Hardball program where she was sandbagged by a call in from Elizabeth Edwards who politely but firmly asked Coulter to stop her attacks on her husband. Coulter started to deny the whole thing, then Matthews reminded her of her remark, then she ran behind the 1st Amendment.

Ms. Edwards got a rousing applause toward the end of the 3 minute clip, and all you see Coulter do is run her hand through her hair for the umpteenth time.

She didn’t look to be very happy.

This evokes oratory in the House Un-American Activities Committee meeting room over 50 years ago. I’ve seen the news clip dozens of times. In it Joseph Welch is questioning Joseph McCarthy, who proceeds to attack a young lawyer on Welch’s staff. After an emotional return tirade, Welch says these words. Words that were followed by wild applause in the committee chambers:

“Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

Coulter, same question (and yes, including the “sir”).


Anonymous said...

THIS WOMAN (SHE IS CERTAINLY NO LADY) HAS LONG SINCE LOST HER SENSE OF DECENCY..SHE IS A DISGRACE NOT ONLY TO HERSELF BUT ANYONE IN HER PRESENCE.. I would be pleased that she is doing so much for the rational, free thinking, civil-minded amongst us by SO misrepresenting the close-minded FAR right

Anonymous said...

Is Ann Coulter actually a male transvestite? I'm quite sure she is.

Anonymous said...

Actually you got that wrong, Hal. The young lawyer WASN'T on Welch's staff. Welch had asked them if there was anything in their past that would be cause for concern, and the young man admitted to being a member of the National Lawyers Guild, so Welch regretfully asked him to resign so that he wouldn't become grist for McCarthy's mill.

That was what made it so powerful when McCarthy dragged the young lawyer into it. Roy Coen was actually trying to warn McCarthy off because it was a real reach--like a boxer continuing to pummel his opponent after the poor guy had thrown in the towel and left the ring. Welch had given McCarthy his pound of flesh by blackballing the lawyer for his "crime" and it wasn't enough! McCarthy was sending the American public the message that it was impossible to appease him and the only question was who would be his next victim unless he was stopped.

Hal said...

That's right, Montag, they asked him not to be on his team. Forgot about that. Makes it even more poignant.

On Coulter being a male transvestite, others have asked that very question. Not that I am judgemental on that isse. Some guys look pretty good in a gown. There is a photo, I think I even have it on this blog somewhere, taken with the shadows just rignt that shows her with an abnormally large adam's apple.

That notwithstanding these cheap dirty shots are so demeaning. Edwards spoke to that just today in Houston.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can declare the poor thing as a victim of ambiguous genitalia, I suppose...that wasn't her fault. But it is her fault that I can no longer accept her as a decent human being. If she has a biological mother still living, I'm sure she does not admit to being such and hangs her head in shame.

Unknown said...

This woman who so willingly points her fingers at Democrats and liberals and flaunts her so called brand of "right-wing Christianity" while saying the modern day Church is going down the tubes is nothing but a modern day Pharisee preening her religion for all to admire, while yet in her heart is nothing but a spirit of hate and religious fervor that does nothing but turn people off from the very thing that a true Christian person should be attracting. Mrs. Edwards has class, love of family and grace under pressure. This is something that Ann Coulter will never attain to because her Sociopathic self-centered, lying, denying nature won't allow her to.