Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We Have A New Poll Out: Democrats Aren’t Done Yet

A poll commissioned by Democratic pollsters James Carville and Stan Greenberg reveals that Americans are willing to continue voting along the same trend lines that began with the 2006 mid-term election that saw the Democratic Party retake both houses of Congress, and a general Blue Revolution.

The poll was conducted over a 4 day period between June 10th and June 14th, and questioned 1600 likely voters selected in battleground districts – districts with safe incumbents or competitive, evenly split between Democratic incumbents and Republican. The results are startling:

Democrat incumbents in battleground districts are favored for retention while Republicans in competitive districts are facing losing ground.

In both safe and competitive districts where there is a Democratic incumbent, the incumbent was favored over a Republican challenger by 56% to 36%. Where there was a Republican incumbent in a competitive district, the Democratic challenger had a 2% lead over the Republican incumbent. In safe districts, the Republican incumbent was still fairly safe.

The Presidential race, if it were to take place today would have these voters voting for a Democratic candidate over a Republican candidate by 49% to 40%.

There’s quite a lot more, the survey runs 19 pages and I am going to cherry pick some issues that I think are significant in some tables.

This first one is a quantification of “Warmness” or “Coolness” where 100 points is very favorable and 0 is very unfavorable. The number posted is the average of the points.

Looking at the Democratic field of presidential candidates vs. the Republican bunch, the poll reveals that Americans feel more confident that a Democratic president will be better able to lead the county than a Republican president.

Lastly, the poll sought to discover which party, Democratic or Republican, the voters associated with certain issues.

I still can’t understand the security issue. The world is a scarier place since 2003 when Bush instigated an unprovoked attack on Iraq. But Republicans are associated with keeping people safe? The prosperity thing just tells me that people still have their heads in the sand. How can Republicans be associated with Prosperity when they have taken a National surplus created by Democratic leadership and turned it into an $8.8 trillion national debt?

But outside of those issues, it looks like America is liking the Democratic Party again.

The worm has turned and continues to turn. People are coming to their senses after being bullied, threatened and made fearful by Republicans in power.

It’s a little late, but I’ll take it.

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