Saturday, June 16, 2007

Polls Close! Melissa Watch Begins

OK, it’s done. Time to watch and wait. The Harris Votes site almost immediately posted the mail in and early vote numbers.

Morales - Mail In: 2,754 Early Vote: 3,080
Noriega - Mail In : 2,689 Early Vote: 4,301

Melissa is ahead in the Early Vote/Absentee 6990 to 5834 (54.5% to 45.5%)

More to follow. . .

8:22 PM, 20% of precincts reporting

Morales: 6,468
Noriega: 8,330

56.3% to 43.7%

Melissa's margin is widening.

With 33.85% of precincts reporting:

Morales: 6,987
Noriega: 9,169

56.75% to 43.25%

. . . and widening . . .

At 9:02 and with 50.19% of precincts reporting:

Morales: 8,058
Noriega: 10,326

56.17% to 43.83%

Kingwood must have reported in . . .

At 9:34 and with 80.54% of precincts reporting:

Morales: 9,910
Noriega: 12,453

55.69% to 44.31%

I'm calling it . . . No, wait, can't find the Fat Lady . . .

Ah . . . here she is . . . singing.

10.03 PM: Just saw a live broadcast from Melissa's Victory Party at Cafe Adobe. No new data yet but it's over, can't you feel it? I wanted to be there. I was there on May 12th. But I wanted to do something different this time. Those who know me know that I don't write my blog on a lap top - I am tied to my kludgey desktop. Yeah, I know Dinosaursville.

Besides, I got to see the live broadcast.

Melissa looked good, and was thrifty with her answers regarding her working with Mayor Bill White. Rick was there (as was Little Ricky), and he easily dodged questions about his candidacy for US Senator.

Yes, it is Melissa's night.

10:15 PM. They're being downright stingy with that last 20%. Something that I heard today that is still giving me the giggles is that Roy Morales has former City Councilwoman, former CD-22 Congresswoman Shelley Sekula Hyphen Gibbs doing a recorded robo call for Morales. Isn't that just nuts? Do they not realize how seriously afflicted and embarrassed voters are about the Shelster? One nutcase calling voters to vote for another nutcase?

Guys, please . . . don't make this so easy.

OK . . . WHAT'S the deal here? 10:53 PM and no more updates. Is it the old 80:20 rule in effect here? It takes 20% of the effort to get 80% of the vote counted, and 80% effort to get 20% of the vote counted?

And we are done.

Melissa Noriega is in absolute triumph over Roy "Bufo houstonensis" Morales!!!

Final count:

Melissa Noriega with 13,704 votes (55.44%) to Morales' 11,012 votes (44.55%). A 10 percent margin.

Congratulations to Melissa, to Team Noriega, to everyone who helped elect this excellent human being to Houston City Council. Melissa, all of you, I almost want to rename this blog "Half Full" because I am feeling really good, right now, about how things can be, about how things are going to be.



PDiddie said...

There was one AWOL precinct and a few cards that were misbehaving.

Yeah, I didn't make to Cafe Adobe either.

TexasSusan said...

I, too, was at home. Jumping up and down, up and down, up and down. Then I pretty much jumped up and stayed there.

Thank you Tom DeLay for changing the face of Fort and Houston on the winds on your massive ego!

Anonymous said...

Wow, just when you think there's no better hope for Texas than having one Noriega in office, we get the double privilege of two. Are we blessed or what?